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What we could do for an urgent order

  • Author:Serena
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2020-05-28

Sunny Glassware., LTD. Not only provides good products, but also provides one-stop quality service.
As you may know, the delivery time of the order for the glass candlestick is 35 days after the confirmation of the sample and the order. For processed glass candlestick orders, the delivery time is generally 50 days. If the mold needs to be opened, it will take about 30 days. Therefore, for the order of glass candlestick that needs to be moulded, it usually takes 70 days. So, what can we do if the client wants it done in one month?

Let's talk about an order I just received for a press cup these two days.

The customer has cooperated for the first time since 2018, and the style that has been on repeat order in the past two years is SG10125 with about 15oz of wax filling. Then in the Spring Festival, the customer wants to develop the plus-size on the basis of 10125, but they only know that the capacity is about 1KG, and the specific size is not very detailed. Considering the quantity and price, we found several kinds of cups and sent the sample to the customer three times. But the customers are not satisfied, one is too tall, one is too large capacity, one is too short. However, after these three samples, the customer finally knew more clearly the size she wanted, so we looked for the cup again. However, no one suits well. At this time, the customer also told us that she wants to receive the goods of this cup on July 15th. I will ask the logistics department to verify the transportation time immediately, and I know that it will take half a month for the full container to reach her. If it is a bulk cargo, the time will be longer. In order to receive the goods on July 15, we will ship the goods by the end of June at the latest. On the day when I knew the customer's delivery date, I hastened to communicate with our factory whether we could deliver the goods at the end of June. Because this is a new cup, the customer has not seen the sample of the light cup, and it needs to be moulded and processed.

After communication, I asked the factory to draw the drawing on the same day and send it to the customer to confirm whether the sizes are OK. I also told the customer to open the bulk mold directly, and then the online QC will take photos and videos for the customer to confirm. If this way is possible, the smooth cup can be completed in mid-june. After the light cup is OK, we will arrange processing as soon as possible. The client was grateful for our solution and thanked us for putting ourselves in her shoes and doing what we could. The client then paid the deposit at once.

We are not only a supplier, but also a partner of our customers. We think of solutions for our clients.

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