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Sunny Glassware achieve a win-win solution with customers

  • Author:Chally
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2020-09-25
Understand each other, mutual cooperation, mutual help, Sunny Glassware works with customers to achieve a win-win situation.

I have a customer who placed double orders of candle jars to us in September based on their trust in Sunny Glassware, and gave us a very urgent delivery date, begging us to help him. In September, our other customers' orders were also full, but in order to support this customer's hard-to-expand business, we adjusted the production line and gave priority to production scheduling. Everything is going smooth.
Sunny Glassware products inspection

But yesterday, Sunny Glassware strict QC found a minor flaw during the inspection, so we decided to redo it based on the principle of being responsible to the customer. Between the time and quality, we chose quality. In this way, the customer's delivery time will not keep up. The customer wants us to be responsible for the air freight, but a good business should support each other. We have done our best to make the goods, and we should not the only one who need to be responsible for such a huge air freight. As a remedy, we can bear part of the air freight and promise to keep stocks of frequently used products with customers in the future. The customer said he would discuss with the team.

September is the harvest season, just like autumn. I believe that with our support, customers will grow stronger and stronger, and we will become bigger with the trust of our customers.

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