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The right way to use the scented candle

It smell good when you burn the scented candle, and will let you feel good!So we must know some Do&Don 't rules to use the this.

Do:Burn for at least 20 minutes 

Your nose will be more picky if you use high quality candle, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of scented candle.Most of the candles are hold by glass cadle cup, so it`s best not to burn more than three hours. 

It`s better to take more than 20 minutes when burn the candle, don't just burn a 5 ~ 10 minutes, if the combustion is not enough, the cup edge wax can't be melt that will become a candle in the middle of the glass holder, but not around the cup edge.Finally the candle will get shorter.

Don`t: It`s not too high or too short for the core

It is very important to keep candles, it is not high also not short for the core.If it`s too high the combustion flame is bigger that the bottle of peripheral will become  blackened easily, the candle will be more easily affected by the wind and shaking.It`s too short, wax will be into liquid when they are heated, the candle is easy to annihilate.So we need to trim the wick core and the perfect length is about 0.5 ~ 1 cm.

One more thing,don`t not forget to use high quality and elegant glass candle holders to holde your scented candle that will look so beautiful when you burn it.Sunny Glassware will be your best choice to select the best candle holders you want.