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Something about the wine bottle

There are many colors for the wine bottle like pale green,transparent, brown, and blue. These colors represent a different style of wine? In order to attract consumer attention, or to avoid light storage? Actually,there are many stories for these colors.

Why green is the most common color of the wine bottle? 
green glass bottle

Come back to 17th century to the 18th century, wine bottle has just started, green is the most real "nature" for wine bottle. At that time,due to the limitation of glass manufacturing technology, presented in a glass products are all natural green.It`s still hard to make colorless transparent glass bottles at that time.There are more or less contain the impurities of iron compounds in the raw materials (sand, limestone, etc.), the process can not remove these impurities, this is the root cause of the glass is green at that time. 

Why white wines and rose wines are often packed in a transparent glass bottle?

transparent wine glass bottle

The bright transparent glass bottleIt always give us a feeling of a kind pure and fresh, it can directly to wine attractive colours in front of consumers, so they need soem wines that can give a relaxed feeling, such as white wine and pink wine, often packed in the  transparent glass bottle. Transparent glass bottles is a sign of modern production technology progress, but in general, this glass bottle is only be used for one to two years after bottling drinking wine, or the wine will be easy to be oxidized. Those long time of aged wine, usually packed in coloured glass bottles. However,packed in coloured glass bottle is not always suitable for aged.

What roles does the colored wine bottle?
color wine glass bottle

Under the light irradiation, the wine is easy to deteriorate, because the ultraviolet ray of light can penetrate glass that can accelerate the oxidation of wine. Therefore, in order to reduce the effects of ultraviolet on wine, chateau tend to choose dark bottles, such as wine region often adopt green hawk moselle bottle, and the Rhine wine region is commonly used brown hawk bottle. This is probably one of the reason why green wine bottle has been used often.

Is the colored wine bottle afraid of light?
wine glass bottles

Although colored wine bottle can protect the wine to a certain extent, but in the process of storing wine still need to pay attention to avoid light preservation. When you buy the Wine from the liquor stores or in the supermarket, also should avoid to choose those wine by glare, because such wine oxidation phenomenon can occur easily.

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