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Shocking "missing cargo" tour

  • Author:Chally Xu
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-03-23
  The very early morning of last Friday, got up from the the warm quilt, then looked at the phone, instantly feel cold incomparable: Customers missing her cargo!! 12 packs glass candle holders were missing! The customer set up a WeChat group, which has involved me and her freight forwarder. Customers said I sent 220packs goods, and finally the she only got 208packs, lost 12 pieces! And the customer severely asked our company to make compensation, angrily said she will never buy our goods again.
  I first comfort the customer, this goods will certainly not be disappear out of thin air, let’s combing the whole process:
  first, when the goods left the factory, there are 220packs, our QC inspection report and photos can be supported. 
  Then, the goods arrived at the freight forwarder’s warehouse, there are also 220 packs. The warehouse receipt and warehousing data can be proved.
  Finally, the customer put 4 factories’s goods together to fill to a full container, in this process there are two cases, 1, the goods are leaking, and now still in the warehouse 2. The goods were loaded into other containers, and the situation was more complicated.
So I suggest that the freight forwarder go to the warehouse and look at it carefully, and then suggest that the customer re-count all the boxes to see if our boxes are mixed with other suppliers. If after these efforts the cargo is still in the "disappeared" state, we will remake then after getting the compensate of the forwarder.
Customers at this time is a little calmer, promised to check again.
Then time to weekend, I went online to inquire about other cases, to see if there is a better way, also consulted our logistics department, asked about this freight forwarder in the industry reputation and so on, although all the facts point to the freight forwarder's responsibility, but I still try hard to find the best solution. I had little rest in those two days.
May be God also moved by me, finally on Monday, the customer said that these boxes of goods were mixed in other goods, freight forwarding did not follow the supplier to separate mark, resulting in her negligence. That's really good news. We all breathed a sigh of relief. Customers sincerely thank us for our efforts, and said look forward to the next order cooperation!

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