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Best Selling Glass Candle Jars

  • Author:Maggie
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on :2019-03-22
Sunny Glassware is the leader manufacturer of candle holders , we are work with many fragrance brands for years. And here we list some best selling glass candle jars for these year for your ref.

This item is very popular as gift sets, this glass candle jar can fill 2 oz wax
2oz glass candle jars

SG508 (5oz)
Can fill 5oz wax in the glass candle jar, can be in different decoration
best selling glass candle jar

This size is the besting selling candle jar size for young people market
best selling glass candle jars

SG88100 (10oz)
Customers re-order this item again and again
hot sales glass candle jar

SG11080 (14oz)
best selling 2 or 3 wicks glass candle jars

best selling glass candle jars