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Be a candle holder supplier that customers can trust

Chally Xu Sunny Glassware 2021-04-01 11:16:28

As a company that supplies glass candle holders, we have been in the industry for nearly 30 years. With our super service awareness and quality control, we have accumulated a good reputation and helped many small companies become industry leaders.

I remember a customer who did not trust us very much at the beginning. The color in the glass candle holder he bought reacted with his own fragrance, which caused the color to dissolve into the wax. The customer was very angry and asked to return the money. We asked the customer to send back a few samples, had a thorough discussion with the workers in the production department, and finally proposed the following solutions to the customer:

1. Change the internal spray to the external spray, and make a new batch of goods to the customer. We are responsible for all products, transportation, and compensation for the corresponding losses from the customer. In order to make sure that the customer has the goods to sell and keep his business rolling.

2. Ask the customer to send essential oils and the percentage of the essential oil he used in the wax. The 6% we tested before is no problem.Now we test 12% the customer used to see if it melts, it can prove whether there is a problem with the proportion of essential oils.

3. If the customer insists on using 12% percentage, we will add a layer of protective oil after spraying to see if we can improve the color melting.

4. Finally, for all future orders, customers must send essential oils. We must do essential oil testing. After the testing, we can produce bulk goods, and before bulk goods are shipped, a certain number of bulk samples must be sent to the customer to test the wax. .

After this series of operations, the customer gradually calmed down his anger, and realized that he should send essential oils for testing and tell us percentage when making samples. Since then, he has trusted us more and felt that we are not a one-off business. It is a long-term partner; not only is it responsible in the production and shipment process, but also takes it seriously for after-sales. Since then, the number of orders from customers has increased year by year, and similar things have never happened again, and customers' business has become bigger and bigger.

The customer said that he had encountered a problem about after-sales before. The supplier performed well in the sales stage and the proofing stage. He also waited with confidence for the arrival of the bulk goods, but after receiving the bulk goods, he was shocked. The quality of the bulk goods was uneven and shoddy. Nearly half of the whole batch was unusable. When he gave feedback to the supplier, the supplier refused to deal with it in every possible way. Supplier also said that it was the customer’s own responsibility. Finally, the customer had no choice but discarded them. Since then, the customer's trust in the factory has been greatly reduced. When we encountered this incident this time, our performance made him very surprised and moved. It made him see how wonderful a good supplier is. He felt that he was lucky to meet Sunny Group.

Sunny Glassware strictly protect the customers' designs, all the newly designed items from us haven't been copied in three years.  We get your ideas becoming creative fragrance products and sell them very well in the local market.. With our strong support, customers fastly develop and from small workshop to industry leaders. All the customers have good profit and get 30% sales increase every year.