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Work With Professional Team To Develop Your Candle Jars Project

Maggie Sunny Glassware 2021-04-17 11:21:52
Glass candle jar as the main candle holder for most of fragrance candles brands, more and more people see the potential market about the glass candle jars. So lots glassware trader and glassware manufacturer start to develop their production line to make glass candle jars. They maybe have many years experience for making glassware, but not for glass candle jar. The technology are not big difference, but just the small different make the big different effect when you choose the glassware as candle jars. Some glassware use as drinking glass, some use as candle holders, it looks no different just by appearance. Usually, if use the glass jar as candle holders, the glassware annealing & thermal shock need to pass the test. But now lots of glass manufacture make their production for both drinking glassware and glass candle jar in same production line, it can’t pay more attention to the points to make glass candle holders. And for customers, the customer is hard to tell what kind of glassware suitable use as glass candle jars.

Sunny Glassware is working in the glassware filed more than 26 years, and we specializing in glass candle jars more than 15 years. How we work with our candle brand customers to make the glass candle jars?
1.Focus in this specify filed, actually, at beginning ,we are trying to make kinds of glassware for different customers, but we found that it hard the balance all kind of glassware for different customers. After groping few years by this way, we decide to focus on the filed of candle jars. So we start to make our glassware as candle jars by pay attention to make the suitable glass candle jar for our customers.
2.Build our own design team and quality control team to following every steps. From the design to creative products.

Sunny Glassware

Rita is our regular customers that work with us for several years, before she working with our team, she already make their candle business for about 5 years, and she want to make a break through by making some new items. She find us and tell us her idea about the new items, at that time, she just have a rough idea what she want to develop the new candle jars. Our design team start to make several designs according her idea, then our production team improved some technology point for the design. Rita feel it is hard to settle down which design she want to start. So we recommend to make the 3D mold for checking the shape and sizes first. After review the 3D samples, it is more easy to move to next step. Making samples,and testing the samples, then go to mass goods. Of cause , some steps are maybe need to discuss and improve several time. But we all together work with one goal to make the new items to help Rita to break through their new line. Rita and our team work hard about half year from the design to the product, it turn out these items help both of us to grow fast. Now these items are their main item in their production line, they just change the decoration(colors, printing for different season). And what is more, Rita’s candle business grow well in the market. Their fragrance candles become the leader brand in their market. Actually, Rita tell us, at the third year of their business, she want to break through their business by make new items, so they find a glassware manufacture to start their design. The glassware manufacturer is leader in the glassware industry, but they not only make glass jar, they also make kinds of other glassware, so it is not easy to get the point and make the suitable glass candle jars. And Rita and their team have work about 2 years, but not make the final develop , it is hard to move to next step after several round discussion for the sample stage. So she is appreciated when our design team work so quickly and our production team get her points when develop her project.

Sunny Glassware Design Team
And we also grow fast by working with many top candle brands for their candle jars projects. And focus on this kind of field for such long time make our team become more and more professional. We really hope can help more and more candle brands for their candle projects.

Sunny Glassware Team

Feel free to contact us by email: sales21@sunnyglassware.com if you want to learn more story or share your idea about the candle jars.