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A glass bottles order indicateed that suffering is a blessing

  • Author:Chally
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-12-13
In May of this year, an regular customer placed an order for me with a glass bottle, and then he sent a golden sample for us to mass produce according to this sample. So everything went smoothly and the production went perfect. We let our QC stare day and night to ensure that the goods can be completed on time and with high quality.
At the end of June, the customer and I went to inspect the glass bottles. We were surprised to find that the colors of the mass products were not the same as the colors the customer wanted, and we were all stunned, because the mass products were indeed made according to the customer's signed sample. So what's the problem? It turned out that the customer had a lot of samples at the time, and he mistakenly sent us the samples that were not passed during the proofing process as signature samples, so the entire batch was wrong.
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Our company did nothing wrong in this matter. We all came in accordance with the customer's requirements, but now the customer urgently needs this batch of goods, and the customer refuses to acknowledge the mistakes made by him. He hopes we can bear this part. OMG the loss is great!
In the end, after the customer and our boss discussed, in order to keep this customer and let the customer have products to sell to his consumers on time, we decided to redo the goods and bear the loss first; and the customer also saw our responsibility, courage, and sacrifice, said on the spot that we have helped him a lot, and he will place orders several times next year for us!
As our CEO Frank said: lose is a blessing sometime. I believe that this is why our customers who have cooperated for many years always trust us. However, next time, I hope my customers can be more careful.

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