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Chinese Catering Culture

The Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine and French cuisine are the 3 type popular food in the world. Shenzhen Sunny Glassware as the professional kitchenware suppliers in China would like to share some Chinese catering culture to you all.

The Chinese’s passion for food is well known all around the world and it’s this devotion to their gastronomy that makes Chinese cuisine one of the best in the world.  And the Chinese catering culture usually follow below rules.

1. Use The Suitable Tableware For Food
You could find the there are varied tableware in Chinese table, porcelain dinner-ware, glass tableware, crock pot etc. 


2. Cooking Way
For the same materials, the taste will be different by different way. And Chinese really good at various cooking way. fry, boil, steam. In a world , we can find any way to cook the food.

And actually for the Chinese catering culture more than the points have mention in this article. Welcome to contact us for more information.