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Your position:Home > News > Social News > The last stop of Prince Willia.....

The last stop of Prince William's visit to China

Yesterday is the Chinese traditional festival--Festival of Lanterns. Actually it is the last day for the Chinese Spring Festival. So it is an important day for the Chinese. Shenzhen Sunny Glassware as the China professional glassware company decided to off duty early so we can go home celebrating this special festival with family. And there are the common ways to celebrating festival of lanterns in China

1. Guess Lantern Riddles
Firstly, write down the riddles in kinds of beautiful lantern.  The lantern actually is different kind of candler holder.  Then people can guess the lantern riddles through the hang all lanterns with the riddle . You will get some award if you know the right answer.  This is funny and meaningful game. 

candle holder

2. Eating the Rice Dumpling
In the north part of China, they call the rice dumpling Yuanxiao, and in south part of China we call it Tangyuan. Eating the Tangyuan means  life is perfect consummation and like the circle is successfully full!
glass bowl