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Why is documentary "Under the dome" so hot?

Science fiction movie "Under the dome" afterwards, a famous former CCTV reporter Jing Chai(blog) posted documentary  as the same name on February 28, 2015, which triggered tens of millions even hundreds of millions of people's attention, Why is it so hot? In fact,the reason would be the following points.

1. The dangers of haze is closely related to our life.

2. The documentary lasted 103 minutes, a large number of actual data of environmental pollution presented to audience. It is extremly terrible.

3. In fact, haze pollution problem has already existed, but it hasn't really has drawn great attention of people, may be it is a kind of helpless. After this publishing, exactly is an invisible power to awaken people's nerve paralysis, it triggered the whole society's strong resonance. Energy conservation and environmental protection, not only is the responsibility of the government departments, but also is each of us must bear the social responsibility.

4. The documentary "Under the dome" also answered below 3 questions which are what we want to know.
  (1) What is haze?
  (2) How harmful is the haze?
  (3) What will be the Top Priority we do for environmental protection and how to do?

Living under the same sky, haze has become a problem of each person must deal with and need to solve! Away from the haze, breathing with a piece of pure sky.

under the dome

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