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Clear Glass Cylinder Candle Jars Home DecorationClear Glass Cylinder Candle Jars Home DecorationClear Glass Cylinder Candle Jars Home DecorationClear Glass Cylinder Candle Jars Home Decoration

Clear Glass Cylinder Candle Jars Home Decoration

  • Item #: SGHY19080307
  • Upper diameter: 85mm
  • Lower diameter: 80 mm
  • Height: 97mm
  • Weight: 366 g
  • Capacity: 349 ml
  • MOQ: 3000PCS

Clear Glass Cylinder Candle Jars Home Decoration

Process crafts

Clear glass cylinder Candle jars home decoration
Why choose Sunny Glassware candle holders

Clear Glass Cylinder Candle Jars Home Decoration

    Single market advantage

. Focus on the drawings 

  . candlestick supplier for US fragrance brand at 80% 

  . AQL plus 6 strict and absolute QC test standards

  . Maintain a quality consistent with the sample and quality  Product

     Awareness of the design of the ceremony  Clear Glass Cylinder Candle Jars Home Decoration
   . Designed by an award-winning professional in SG

   . He received a truly admirable NEST fragrance

   . Friend or business relationship

     . Relaxation and romantic life 

Clear Glass Cylinder Candle Jars Home Decoration
 The flexible size design allows your market to grow rapidly
Item #: SGHY19080307
Upper diameter: 85mm
Lower diameter: 80 mm
Height: 97mm
Weight: 366 g
Capacity: 349 ml
MOQ: 3000PCS

Custom designs and different sizes available 

 With our strong support, our customers are growing rapidly, from small labs to industry leaders. 


Packaging & shipment

  Clear Glass Cylinder Candle Jars Home Decoration

We purchased an international office of 1,800 square meters in Shenzhen.

Clear Glass Cylinder Candle Jars Home Decoration

Example of room display

Meiyang Glass offers much more Shenzhen sample room has 5000 pieces A wide range of options. He won a big card Customer Reviews. Welcome to the Shenzhen office! The image is as follows Only a part of our design candle holdersWelcome to the Shenzhen office to find your favorite, it will bring you many surprises, because it is difficult to find another supplier in China.

Clear Glass Cylinder Candle Jars Home Decoration

Below are the photos of the main online transactions. For more information on the factory, see:Factory tour

Clear Glass Cylinder Candle Jars Home Decoration

Our certificate

Clear Glass Cylinder Candle Jars Home Decoration


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