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What the founder say in Sunny Glassware

  • Author:Apple
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-07-09
What the founder say in Sunny Glassware

In the age of big data, there is no hiding from you. When you have nowhere to hide, the only thing you can do is to do your best.
There was once an American guest whom we had been in contact with for five years.However, he had not placed any orders until one day, when he said he would come to our company, he did so explicitly.
He asked us to arrange to pick him up at the airport and send him back to Hong Kong airport directly after we placed the order in our office.Generally speaking, this situation is very difficult to understand, the customer finally come to China, do not see other suppliers?
Later, the customer took the initiative to tell me that he had been tracking our data on the Internet for five years, because we had been cooperating with a brand owner with very strict quality requirements in the United States for five years, and the customer did not choose other suppliers, and the customer's order volume was increasing year by year, and the cooperation has never been interrupted.
This explains: first, our quality certainly has no problem, otherwise this guest will not do with us so long.Second, the number of orders from our customers has been increasing, which indicates that our design is also good, or the sales will not increase.This event made me understand that I should not think that I only know what I do. The world is already a global village, and the villagers will know what they do.