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Baidu or Google?

  • Author:Michelle
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-07-10

We had a training course today and our CEO teacher Mr Chen always told us use hot sale key words glass candle holders in Chinese in Baidu engine but he can`t find any product pictures from Sunny.So he said no one using SEO in Baidu. We told him that we do in google engine not Baidu when you search glass candle holders in google you could find product pictures. What we want to tell him is that if he could teach us by google not Baidu since most of our clients used google all the time since the algorithm of the two engines are different. But he insist on they are the same.So I told him we also do the SEO in google,if our clients search glass candle holders,they could find our product pictures in google. What I mean is that our work is working.  

But on his side,he thought we are proud of our self that we are doing a good job,no need to learn SEO.If so,why we still need to write mail group to clients,that is waste of time. We told him that is another way to find clients who want glass candle holders. But he insist on that if our website is good enough,no need to use mail group. And then I refuted that because most of the clients only need few of pcs or only need small order of the glass candle holders,they are C to C clients. So he said that is the problem,we didn`t do well in SEO and use the wrong key words. So I said we already used the hot sale key words all the time....But it seems that it`s not working. He always didn`t listen to us carefully and stop us all the time.Then we stop here!

So he asked us write a blog after the training. Here you go... We are the wholesaler of glass candle holders in China,if you only need few pcs of candle holders, pls do not stop by.If we are the manufacture of glass candle holders in China,we do OEM/ODM orders,if you want to do your own design,pls feel free to contact Michelle from Sunny Glassware,the top 2 glass candle holders supplier in China.Remember no top 1 in China. We will listen carefully what you need and then give you best solution and services!!



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