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Weight of tumbler can alter the way brain processes taste, psychologist claims

  • Author:Lora Liu
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-01-15

If you insist on having your gin and tonic served in a fine glass tumbler, then you might on the right track.

Because drinks really do taste better when they are in a heavier glass, an Oxford University professor has found. 

Although your choice of container has no effect on the way tastebuds pick up the drink’s flavour, the experience of drinking out of a heavier glass alters the way the brain processes the taste.

glass tumbler

So when you drink something out of a high quality glass, rather than a plastic beaker, it will taste significantly better.

Experimental psychologist Professor Charles Spence said: ‘We like heavy containers. We associate them with better quality, it has greater worth. If you want your guests to enjoy their G&Ts, then make sure they have a heavy glass, not a plastic one.’

Professor Spence, who will speak at the Cheltenham Science Festival today, added: ‘If you drink beer out of a bottle, it tastes better than from a can. 

‘That is because it is heavier in the hand and people associate it with higher quality. Although it is a matter of perception, people really do believe it tastes better.’

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