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Annual Summary Meeting

  • Author:Serena
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-01-15
Sunny Glassware will hold an Annual Summary Meeting tomorrow.How do you think about your performance during the past year 2015? Are you satisfied with yourself? Do you achieve your goal which set up at the beginning of 2015?

Time flies.2016 is coming and half a month has passed.Today is 15th Jan. Have you make plan and are you really going forward with it?

Tomorrow will be Annual Summary Meeting for Sunny Glassware.No matter if you have lived a happy or sad year,achieved target or lost yourself,you are ought to state your summary of the past year. Maybe you are content with yourself because you really make your best effort to achieve the standard.Maybe you are sad and shamed because you have not achieved the goal and wasted a lot of time.However,no matter what you feel, 2015 has passed and the main reason why we hold an annual summary meeting is to find out how to perform better in your own life and set up goals for 2016 to have the motivation.

Life is full of energetic and happy.
Go on and nothing is impossible.
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