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Your position:Home > News > Social News > The delicate candlestick can b.....

The delicate candlestick can build a romantic and warm atmosphere.With the beautiful fragrance candl

  • Author:Michelle Lai
  • Release on:2015-11-04

Candlestick, a distant vocabulary, but sometimes,it can bring us natural romantic feeling. Cage shape candlestick, pleasantness of classical temperament, bring life interest.

Burn white candle in the bedroom, placed separately or in the delicate and transparent glass, downy light, create a warm atmosphere.

Warm candlelight can bring quiet warmth in bedroom , beside lit a bunch of sweet fume, create a quiet comfortable environment.

The candle light through the hollow out the white candlestick, reflects the sleek, stubby candle on a metal candlestick, can ignite a few hours, more suitable for the long holiday celebration. 

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