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The best way to make tea--black tea

Black tea: clean the cup with hot water first,then put in boiling water.Black tea is fully fermented tea, comment tea are High-grade red tea and red broken tea.With the green tea,it can promote the beneficial ingredient dissolution with the high temperature soak.It is best to use boil the water to make the black tea. The brewing time is better to 3 ~ 5 minutes, upscale time red tea brews in article 3 ~ 4 times, red broken tea brews 1 ~ 2 times.It`s best use the glass cup to make the black tea,so that we can enjoy the tea rolling stretch in the water.Specific methods can use the cic method, first fill a cup about 1/10 of the heat water cup, put in 3 ~ 5 grams of tea, and then along the glass glass water for brewing.Bubble tea to be covered, so tea will be more strong.

borosilicate glass tea cup

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