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The Glass in the Chest

  • Author:Kate
  • Source:Sunnyglassware
  • Release on:2016-09-23
Today is a good day! Im Kate from Sunny Glassware, which is specializing in glassware/giftware 
such as tealight, candle holder, glass bowl,glass cup,shop glass cup, coffee cup etc. for more than    20 years.    

Now please enjoy this thoughtful story that I want to share with you this moment. Once upon a time,    a man called John, who had lived alone ever since his wife died

Gradually the old man grew more and more feeble, he told himself,“because they're afraid I'll   become a burden.” He stayed up all night worrying until at last he thought of a planThe next morning he went to see his friend the carpenter, asked him to make a large chest, an old lock, and all the old broken pieces of glass he had

The old man took the chest homefilled it to the top with broken glasslocked up tight , and put it beneath his kitchen table The next time his sons came for dinnerthey bumped their feet against it What's in this chest?”they askedlooking under the table  Ohnothing,” the  old man replied,“just some things I've been saving.” It must be full  of all the gold he's saved over the years,”his sons whispered to one another So they talked it   over and realized they needed  to guard the treasureThey decided to take turns living with the old manand that way they could   look after himtoo


At last the old father grew sick and diedThey hunted through the house until they found the keyand unlocked the chestAnd of course they found it full of broken glassBut the eldest son tipped the chest over to make sure there was nothing valuable hidden among the glass after all 

He poured the broken glass onto the floor until it was emptyThen the three brothers stared insidewhere they now read an inscription on the bottomHonor Your Father And Mother


In all, it tells us respect and love our parents, we could spend more time with them, or we could 

buy some gifts( see the photos as below) to them now and then, they must be very excited.


Crystal Food Fruit Sugar Glass Jar Storage Container with Clip Lid

Handmade Double Wall Tea Mug Borosilicate Glass Coffee Cup

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About our company
Shenzhen Sunny Glassware Co.,Ltd. is one of the China candle holders suppliers. Providing: candle holder, ceramic candle holder, tealight votive candle holder, decorative candle holder.  You can enter our website http://www.okcandle.com/index.html,  and get know more about us.

1. Well Experienced& Competitive
Sunny Glassware is specializing in glassware/giftware such as tableware, bathware,kitchenware etc. for more than 20 years.
Our mainlly market is the USA in the past.  We grown faster with the strong production control system & supply chain, and won very good public praise in the US. 

2. Product Diversity & Exquisite Products
Sunny's strength is doing many kinds of decoration like lacquer painting, decal printing, electroplating, frost, etc. to make glasses   luxury and elegant. Custom designs of glass styles, printings, lids selection and gift box packing are all of our familar.
Both hand made and machine made production capability.
Over 5000 designs mould existed and 300 new design development every year. 

3.Fast Arrival Time:
Sample lead time:7-10 days 
Production lead time: within 35 days 

4.Complete Certification & Documents: FDA etc.. 

5.High Quality Service & Profession:
  Staffs 24 hours stand by your call or inquiry
  QC: professional quality checking
Over 20 staffs serve in production&quality control line 24 hours each day.
High professional sales&merchandiser serve 6 days(24 hours) each week.
Over 60 stable suppliers in components, package, freight etc.
100% ASTM, Lead&cadium safe. 

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