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Rectangular food storage glass blowing lid container

  • Author:Kate
  • Source:Sunnyglassware
  • Release on:2016-09-24
Lucky day! I amFrom the sunny Kate glassware, specializing in glassware/gift 
Such as Tealights, Candle holder, Glass bowl,Glass cup,Shop glass, Coffee Cup For more than 20 years.    

Recently, II'm busy posting Glass bowl In our Web site. But II'm afraid I can'tYou don't see them, so write them here, see if you are interested in them. (See photos below)

These pressed glass bowls are all machines, safety and quality assurance, such as the United States FDA certification. We have them In different sizes, colors, capacities, so they can meet your needs to a certain extent. Typically, they are versatile and can be used as Food container, Takeout lunch boxesMicrowave plate or camping. I hope youI would like them, so come on, you're waiting to take them home? If you want to know more, contact me, Kate.

Item no: SGYH16070910 

Top diameter: 130 mm 

Bottom diameter: 108 mm 

Height: 57 mm 

Weight: 334 g   

Capacity: 487 g  

Crafts: glass bowl  

MOQ:3 million 

487ml Rectangle Food Storage Glass Container with Blown Lid

487ml Rectangle Food Storage Glass Container with Blown Lid

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Corporate video: https://youtu.be/wYSXWY6DArA

About company
Shenzhen Sun glass co Candle holder is one of suppliers in China. Provides: ceramic candle holders, candle holders Tealight candles, Decorative candle holders. You can access our Web site http://www.okcandle.com/index.htmlAnd learn more about us.

1. experienced, competitive
Sunny glassware Specializing in glassware/gift TablewareKay,Kitchen appliances For more than 20 years.
In the past, our mainlly market is the United States. We grew up fast Strong production control systems and supply chain, and in the United States have won a good reputation. 

2. the diversity of products and exquisite product
Sunlight intensity and do a lot of kinds of decorative paint and decal printing, plating, creams, etc. To make the luxury and elegant glasses. Custom design choice of styles, prints, glass lid gift box packaging We are familiar with the.
Hand and machine production capacity.
More than 5000 and 300 new mold design designed and developed every year. 

3, fast delivery times:
Sample lead time: 7-10 days 
Production lead time: 35 days 

4. complete the certification and documents: United States FDA ... ... 

5. high-quality and professional services:
  Your phone or query staff on call 24 hours
  QC: professional quality checks
  Supplier: stability and efficiency
More than 20 employees in production and quality control line 24 hours per day.
Highly professional sales Merchandiser served 6 days (24 hours) per week.
More than 60 suppliers of components, packaging, freight, etc.
100%ASTM, safety of lead and cadmium. 

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