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Sunny Glassware won a word "perfect" from customers on quality of candle holders

  • Author:Fanny
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-09-07
As a salesman of candle holders supplier, customer service is our first duty, but when it comes to customer service, I do not know how to describe. I have once heard a lot of other people's training, most of the time I am not so agree with them. When your performance is good, many people will come to ask, how do you serve customers or how do you communicate with your customers. I don't use any skills, and I'm not very good at summarizing myself. I just know that whatever you do, you need to put your heart into it. When I am working on a project, I often think from the perspective of a customer. If I am the customer, am I satisfied with the reply provided by the supplier? Is there any doubt? If I am satisfied, then I think my customers will be satisfied.
Sunny Glassware Candle Holders
Today, I would like to tell a story about a customer that worked with us when I just join Sunny. In the beginning of 2015, when we just get contacted, I have sent many samples and there was no feedback for half a year. During the period, I kept recommending our company's new products to the customer, trying to show the strength of the company. Finally, six months later, they gave us an OEM project, while the project tooling, they ordered an existing tool glass, but the result for first time cooperation is not good, which give a bad impression to them. Since they have very strict requirement on quality, they gave the conclusion of 50% defective rate to us, although some customer pointed out flaws we don't think is defective, but we still accepted the customer, in accordance with the requirements of customers, our company reparations. After this claim appeared, the customer had doubts about our quality, so after the customized project sample came out, even if the effect was good, the customer chose to cooperate with others. About 8 months later, the customer placed a second order for the existing cups. At this time, I guessed that the customer still gave us the opportunity. The quality of the first batch of candle holders were not as bad as they described. After the completion of the second order, the customer was satisfied, but did not meet their expectations. There was no complaint this time, but the customer are more confidence to us. At this time, the customer took advantage of the time to visit China and brought the 2015 collector project to discuss with us. I guess the development project has been sold to the market, but the quality is not satisfactory, so they hope we can help with the project. As I expected, we win the order. The quality of the clear glass was very good, and the customer was very satisfied with it. However, after the shipment of the order, because there were some defects in the later processing, the customer complained and asked for compensation. In fact, we have our own strictly QC team, our inspection standards are more strict than International AQL standard. But under this circumstance, we summarized, and get well notice of their quality requirements. Again, we accepted the claim. Honesty, I was worried that there were complaints every year since our cooperation and I think they may lose confidence in us. I have also communicated with them directly .
sunny glassware candle holders
In 2018, we made a new batch of order, finally, we got very good result this time. They were very grateful for our effort. They even used the word “perfect”to describe the quality. I still remember the day when I received the customer's email, I was so excited and sent the email screenshots to our discussion group at 9:00 pm. Our QC team did very good job this time. The customer was so exciting and they expressed their satisfaction again by phone and even in person when we met in China.
I know all of this paid off after several years hard work. In this whole process, I did not use any skills, I only have a belief, don’t let the customer down. Finally, we made it, we will also make the story of “perfect quality”goes on

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