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Your position:Home > News > Industry News > Inspection of glass products n.....

Inspection of glass products need to pay attention-4

  • Author:kate
  • Source:sunnyglassware
  • Release on:2016-11-01

11, plus acid glass, acid must be avoided before the stained with grease, or acid in the
 acidification process will lead to local uneven light phenomenon. After adding acid must be
cleaned and left in the glass inside and outside the white powder.

12, decal paper products, decals to be smooth, can not be skewed, can not have bubbles,
usually 12 hours after the natural drying and baking, due to paper soaking in the residual
 small drops of water, baking small water The beads will break the flower paper and lead to
the emergence of pinholes.

13, the product size to meet the requirements, the error can not be too large, to assemble
the lid or other things, you should pay attention to whether the product within the caliber of
 the assembly requirements.

14, the appearance of the product is very important, but no matter what product,
 the most important thing is to test the functionality of the product is intact.

15, the glass is fragile, the product in the transport process must be placed upright loading
and unloading, each product should be wrapped in paper, and use the egg grid to separate
the products, not to collide with each other to produce damage, depending on the
specific packaging products And order requirements, but one thing, the product
packaging must pay attention to security, to ensure that exports will not be broken,
enough to safely arrive at the destination.

16, inspection process, it is necessary to double-check Glass product Of the packaging
methods, labels and content used, the contents of the attached instructions, inside and
outside the box mark information is correct.