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Your position:Home > News > Industry News > Inspection of glass products n.....

Inspection of glass products need to pay attention-3

  • Author:kate
  • Source:sunnyglassware
  • Release on:2016-11-01

Eight, inside and outside the glass can not have too obvious watermarks, the outer
surface and interior are not allowed to feel the line, such as obvious wrinkles, scars,
wear marks, scissors and mold line, the surface can not have cracks and not Man defect.

Nine,glassware Oral examination smooth, no glitches and raised, missing.

Ten, inside and outside the glass must be clean, can not have debris, dust, water stains,
glass debris and other products inside and outside. Glass products can not have rust,
the glass material can not be mixed with black spots, dust and other debris. Note: the rust
on the glass products is usually due to fires when the glass clip folder used by rust and
mold rust stains stained glass, and then can not be removed.

Therefore. Clamp and die rust,
we must first rust before production can avoid this problem.
Another need to pay attention to avoid dust when the solvent.
Impurities fall into the material, resulting in internal impurities after molding products.
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