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How did Sunny Glassware work with customer for glassware accessories

  • Author:Serena
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2020-08-06
Gnoof UK ltd. is my first amazon customer, a newly established company. She sent inquiries to many suppliers on Alibaba. She wanted to purchase double wall glasscups with glass cover, silicone ring, silicone sleeve and other accessories. She wanted to use the existing molds as much as possible so that she could spend less. However, for this kind of products with many accessories, it is almost impossible to find the existing ones, and in a small quantity, many suppliers are not willing to quote and produce for you. But I do understand that a start-up needs to save money. So I was very patient to deal with customer inquiries. Since there are many types of glass available, I would like to ask the supplier of silica gel to recommend similar existing silica gel rings and cups, which can save the cost of silica gel.This did take some time. With frequent emails and timely online communication, the customer thinks that I really understand what she wants. Despite her feedback that my price is higher than others, she is willing to do it for me. So she asked us to make the samples for her.
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I know very well that a product is not only of good quality, but also needs to be fast so as to seize the market. So we sent the sample to the customer very soon. The customer is very rigorous and careful. Although our samples are made according to the sampling requirements, the customer still wants to make some slight adjustments, so we made the samples again and sent them to the customer for confirmation.Because the silicone was finally emboss with the customer's logo, so to open the mold, but the customer is still very happy to pay for it.
How did Sunny Glassware work with customer for glassware accessories
We also signed a confidentiality agreement with the customer, so that the customer can be rest assured to place us the order. We gave the feedback to the customer regularly and ship the bulk very soon. Although order quantity was small, we all showed a lot of enthusiasm, we understood the importance of supplier support for a newly established company.
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