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How to taste wine

  • Author:Lora Liu
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-01-14
The first step: the wine temperature chilled wine tastes acerbic
Traditionally, the temperature of drinking red wine is cool room temperature, between 18 to 21 degrees Celsius, in this temperature, the red wine in various years are in the best shape
Under state. An iced red wine, red wine tannin than cool room temperature characteristics will be more significant, it tastes acerbic.
The second step: hot wine fully oxidized to incense
A bottle of wine is usually dust for many years, and has just opened will be smelly, then you need to "wake up" the wine in the wine into beautiful wine decanters after wait ten minutes, the wine smell dispersed, decanter and let the liquor and the air contact surface is the largest, red wine full oxidation
, the fragrance is revealed.
The third step: the concept of wine vintage wine Brown edge
The red wine to pour in the sultry heart, wine glass tapped, wine does not overflow for the basic requirements. In the light of sufficient light
Will be placed in the red wine cup on the white paper, to see the edge of the wine will be able to determine the age of wine. The level is clear is new wine, the color is even a bit
Age, if slightly brown, it may encounter a bottle of old wine.
The fourth step: drinking let it stay in the mouth for a moment
Before the entrance wine, take a deep in the cup smell for a while and this time has been able to comprehend the red wine fragrance, and then swallowed a mouthful of wine, let the wine in the mouth
Intracavity multi stop for a minute, tongue rolling enabling sensory fully experience the wine, finally swallows all, fragrance lingers immediately.
The fifth step: a new sequence of wine tasting
A wine tasting party usually will taste more than two or three pieces of red wine, in order to achieve the effect of contrast. Drink should be in accordance with the new Chen Zaihou, light .

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