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How does Machine Pressed Glass shape?

  • Author:Serena
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-01-14
Sunny Glassware Co., LTD has specialized in glassware industry for more than 23 years.We have abundant experience in this line.Our products are various kinds,ranging from tumbler glass, glass candle holder,glass bottle,etc.All our products have passed FDA,ASTM,.SGS,ISO9001,Dishwasher testing,etc. 

Our impressive clients are such as Chivas(US), Jack Daniels(US), Utopia(Germany), Lipton(Au), Aldi(Germany),Bodum , etc some other small clients.

Today I will share the process of making machine pressed glass here with you.The process is as below.
1.Choose the ingredients,Different factory has different ingredients.
2.Mix the ingredients with proper ratio;
3.Melt the material;
4.Use the conveyor and scissor to put the material into the mould;
5.Press the material inside the mould to be shaped;
6.The punch leaves the mould;
7.The glass leave the mould by auto-opening or by hand;
8.The glass need annealing to avaid exploding;
9.Quality Inspection
10.Packing and delivery

Then glass is finished.
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