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How to improve the turnover rate of the exhibition?

  • Author:kate
  • Source:sunny glassware
  • Release on:2017-09-12

Hongkong Exhibition is closing,recently we preparing the Glass wine cup, ceramic new products, candle holders, self designed products, in stock product.  Our booth number 3F-A1&A3 .

During the exhibition, the important thing is to negotiate with customer. According to a recent survey by the exhibition center, an average of 1.4 calls is required to reach a customer who has met,

For other customers, it takes 3.6 calls to clinch a deal, showing the promotion of the exhibition to sales. Successful exhibitors suggest that the use of questions can improve the actual effect of the exhibition. Don't question. In the exhibition you and everyone an average of only a few minutes, so don't ask questions ,try to make the conversation easier and easier. Ask each other questions, and you should answer them thoroughly and thoroughly, instead of quickly asking the next question.

Attention posture. Every move shows a lot of problems. Conversation is one aspect, and the manner of speaking can not be ignored. When standing, keep your feet at one foot, and don't hold anything on your chest. Keep smiling, don't look around. Record the main points of the conversation.  You'll need to work with the sales department to make personalized cards and record the main points of the conversation, keep an eye on each other from time to time. In the form of multiple choice answers, the customer's comments need to be recorded on the card.

End problem. The last closing question is important to ask about their expected purchase times and procedures,The level of interest can be seen from the customer's expression.