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How do I serve Sunny Glassware customers

  • Author:Gary
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-08-16
One day i got an email from a new customer, she said someone gave her my contact. And would like to visit our office and glassware factory. I was very excited and surprised, because i am not very familiar with that introducer. And this customer is a famous candle brand in Australia, very important customer for our glass candle holders manufacturer. I checked my record, i just send them some email of our new product introduction. They never replied me, even i say thank you to them lately. How come this kind of interested thing happen? I think that must be the Sunny brand function.
We made appointment to meet at the train station and then travel to our glassware factory. She sit on a platform when i got arrive at the train station outside and pick her up. We were a couple of minutes late actually, but she said it is nothing and never mind. She looks very nice and must be very kindly person I think.
There is another engineer guy together with her. He is really professional product manager and has over 25 years glass experience. He asked many question about the process and engineer of the glassware factory, we heard not too much and need double check then answer him. I can see Justine traveled quite a lot in China mainland, she live in HK for quite a long time. And she went to glassware factory quite often.
Glassware Factory
The glassware factory we show them is one of our very good glassware supplier. We have talked with them the strength of the glassware factory, and why we use and build very good relationship with them on the way to the glassware factory. The full automatic equipment and process produce very good quality glass, candle holders are not like normal home use product. It is part of the fashion, the glass must be in very good quality. We told them only that glassware factory has twice polish process, it makes the glass very transparency and high qualify. We didn't see any other glassware factory use this process. When they reviewed the production line and the glassware factory showroom, they begin trust us.
One very frequently asked question when customer visit us is how do you control the glass quality. First we have a 10 QC team all has very long time working experience, they know glass products quality control points quite a lot. Second we inspect every order in every production day. Clear glass inspection is the first important thing, because it is made by automatic process. If some defects issue happen all of the glass come out will be wasted. The decoration is also very important, many of them can't be rework and the decoration cost may more expensive than the glass. We have good relationship with supplier and they are free for us to inspect on the production line. The third is our company quality control level. Although we use AQL to do the final random inspection, more important control is the dupro review. Our QC can find the defects in time and solve very fast. All of our supplier say our quality request is more strict than their other customer. So we were charged higher cost than normal market level.
Not long when Justine come back we start the first item development. It is a very big and complicate design. I am sure they inquired other supplier but finally placed the order to us. We helped them study the design and modify the drawing. The sample come out very good and passed all the test. They also has strict request on the glass quality, they send the third part company to do the inspection. Pull glass from the mass production do the test. When the mass production glass holders arrives, all of the customer company staff feels the glass quality very good. And the selling of this item is very well, reorder every year till now.
Years passed, we have no quality and other issue with them. They start move their other old and regular projects to us recently. They used many glass candle jar supplier in China, and have met lots of problem definitely. Customer trust us not just the few production quality is good, the stability is the most important.

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