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Do candle need containers?

  • Author:Demi
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2022-04-22

    candle need containers, so how do we choose the right glass containers?Your safety is our top priority when making candle containers.Values of Sunny Glassware products:Product quality is the major focus in Sunny.  Sunny once demolished 80,000 pcs of glass vessel  with barely visible blemish.Therefore, the glass container of Sunny Glassware products is the best choice for your candle.

Do candle need containers?


  There are three very basic safety rules to follow when you choose glass containers:

It's not porous.

It won't leak.

It doesn't crack or break.


  Make sure that the material you plan to use as a candle container is made of non-flammable material. Obviously, wood and plastic are flammable, glass and ceramics and metals are not, but the wick should not be too close to the container because the metal can get very hot, so it should be at least 2.5 -- 3 in diameter. This figure also depends greatly on the wick. Always ensure that the correct wicks are used. Oversized wicks can lead to deeper, hotter wax pools. Proper center of the wicks in the container also helps prevent uneven heating of part of the container, thus greatly reducing the possibility of cracking.

Do candle need containers?

   Glass is an ideal material for candle containers because it is not flammable or porous. The thicker the glass, the less likely it is to break. Glass containers such as cans or jelly jars, teacups and other heat-resistant materials are popular products commonly used in candle making. That is, even Pyrex glass can sometimes crack if exposed to too much heat. Containers with notches or cracks should not be used. Ceramics and metals are also ideal for making candle containers.

     While following these guidelines will greatly reduce the likelihood of problems, nothing is infallible. All candles should be burned on a heat-resistant surface, away from any flammable objects such as overhead cabinets or curtains.  Before each burn, the wick should always be trimmed to 1/4 "and no mushroomed protuberance should appear.  Above all, a burning candle should never be left unattended.