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Blue and transparent mugs make drinks taste sweeter

  • Author:Jacly
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2014-11-27
More than 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed across the global each days,and its likely that many taste bitter.Now, a new study suggests that coffee fans can make their drink taste water sweeter by simply swapping the colour of their cup.Scientists claim that blue and glass mugs,which are popular in some coffee shops,reduce a coffee's bitterness,without any need for sugar.Researchers set out to prove whether a barista's claim that coffee drunk from a white cups tastes bitter was true.They used 36 volunteers and three different coloured cups-blue,white and transparent glass to investigate the claim.According to the investigate and foud the blue cup made the coffee taste the sweetest.So scientists believe that the colour brow may be asociated with bitterness so that coffee in white cup appears the brownest.The study claerly shows that the color of mug does influence the perceived taste and flavour of coffee.The effect of the color of the mug on the flavour of coffee reported here suggests that cafe owers,baristas,as well as crockery manufacturers should carefully consider the color of their mugs.
The potential effects may spell the difference betweet a one time purchase and a return customer.The idea that color can alter the taste of food and drink is not new.A study publish last year revealed that red,strawberry flavoured mouse served on a white plate was rates as 10% sweeter and 15% more flavour some than the same food presented  on a black plate.