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Household candle holder appreciating

  • Author:Grace Li
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2014-11-29
During the nice weekend, when you remove the tiredness of the week, to prepare a hearty candlelight dinner with the family, how could you have less glass candle holder? In our life, candlestick is fashion and beautiful, so it more and more widely be used in contemporary household. Do you know more about the glass candle holder? Following let's check out 4 styles of glass candlesticks in the showcase from Shenzhen Sunny Glassware Co.,LTD.

Glass candle holders

  Colored glass candle holder
It is crystal clear and with a hint of pink against the background of candlelight, it reflects the house full of brilliant light.
  Gradient color glass candle holder
With gradient warm color just like a fickle proud princess, the blasting effect appearance slightly vicissitudes of life. 
besides as a candlestick, It also may be a good choice of using it to be a household adornment.
  Goblet glass candlestick
With the appearance of goblet and elegant carve patterns designs, It not only can be used as candlestick,but also be used to drink juice, it can be used to ornament cabinets as well. It is very popular because of multipurpose.
  New clear glass candle holder
With plump appearance, plus rules of polygons embossing, always transmits the satisfaction of happiness to the person. Clear bright features leave infinite imaginary space to the person. If you begin to DIY that may bring more unexpected effect well. Let's try it right away.