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Benefits of playing football

  • Author:Yvonne
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-07-07
2016 European cup is closing soon, and why more and more people like plaing football and there are existing which benefits?

one: more effective to improve the function of respiratory system. Football is a collection of running and leg movements in a. In the running, passing, shooting the ball in the process of. Will strengthen respiratory depth, to inhale more oxygen, discharge more carbon dioxide, thereby increasing the vital capacity, pulmonary function strengthened. 

This is due to the main respiratory muscles (diaphragm, internal and external intercostal muscle and levator muscles ribs, upper and lower serratus) and accessory muscles of respiration group (scalene muscle, sternoclavicular sternocleidomastoid muscle, pectoralis minor muscle, pectoralis) strengthen contraction, and promote the development of these muscles, chest expansion, thoracic volume volume increased, alveolar development good, enhance power of breathing, vital capacity, pulmonary ventilation and ceiling (photo) oxygen content increases. 

Studies have shown that often exercise because the body adapt to the ability is strong, the breath is smooth, deep, Yunhe, frequency is slow, quiet breathing frequency for 7-11 beats per minute, and not to exercise the breathing frequency of 12 to 18 times / min, female than male 2-3 times per minute. 

Two. Strengthen the leg bones: football is the best training leg movement. In the process of continuous movement and leg, due to the promotion of metabolism, bone blood supply improved, the morphology, structure and function of the bone are good change: compact bone thickening, bone thicker, trabecular arrangement according to the pressure and tension of different more neat and regular, the bone surface muscle attachment processes more obvious. 

These changes make the bone more robust and firm, thereby enhancing the function of bone fracture resistance, bending, compression and torsion. Persist in physical exercise can also enhance the power of peripheral joints, joint capsule and ligament thickening, thereby increasing the stability of joints; at the same time, physical exercise to make joint capsule, ligaments and surrounding muscle stretching increased, so as to improve the joint flexibility. 

Three. More effectively prolong life. A ten year study showed that people who do not exercise regularly than young people often play football and the possibility of 42. 5%. The reason is the body movement, will accelerate the aging of multiple, even prematurely senile. And those who do not exercise for cancer, heart and other resistance is lower than playing football, and so on.

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Benefits of playing football
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