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4 Mistakes We Should Stop Making Now.

In Shenzhen Sunny Glassware -- a professional glassware supplier,  most members are young at 20-somethings. We are young and short of experience. It’s sometimes hard to see how the decisions you make in your 20′s affect the rest of your life. I have learn from a book that there are 4 mistakes we should stop making now.

1. You should stop wasting time 

 Maybe you think you are young and free, and turn old still in far future. So waste your time in many ways, in fact ,  your golden age just few years, if you don't catch , you will miss it forever.

2. You should stop wasting money  

In our 20's , we want stuff. And always spend all money we have. It is a terrible habit. We need to stop wasting   money from now on.

3. You should stop staying in bad relationships. 
 Everyone know that good relationship make life simple and happy 

4.You should stop relying too much on others 
 Your are adult now, and you need to become more independent. Stop relying too much on others. 

We should start to work hard from now on.
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