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Your position:Home > News > Social News > Perfume bottle with laser patt.....

Perfume bottle with laser pattern !

Today I would like to introduce something about perfume bottles to you. As you know that perfume are usually regarded as high-end products, and when purchase perfume,people usually are attracted not only by its smell, but also the bottle’s shape and the designs on it. Here I’m glad to share with you some very beautiful laser patterns as below pictures.

Different patterns including figures, animals, plants,texts,etc, can be made by laser on the perfume bottles, and there can do customized designs as well. When such kind of designs are on a very plain perfume bottle,the visual feeling will be totally different, and people will be attracted by it right now.

Nowadays there are various kinds of perfume bottles in the market, if you plan to purchase perfume, then try to pay some more attention to the design patterns on the bottles, I believe you’ll find something surprised you.

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