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Use glass juice cup as lemonade container instead of plastic

Currently, lemonade is really popular, it is easy to make, we just cut it into slices and soak one or two in the water, plus a little honey, then a glass of delicious lemonade is ready for drinking. 

What kinds of containers for lemonade are the safest? Of course, the glass juice cup is the preferred choice. Why don’t we recommend using a plastic foam for lemonade? Because lemonade will generate a lot of citric acid, and plastic cup will produce a chemical reactor, thereby dissolving the plastic cup material part of long-term consumption of harmful substances will remain in the body is unable to discharge affect health, so it is recommended to use safer glassware. 

We recommend that the best time of drinking lemonade should be within half an hour to one and a half, because the lemon is easy to be oxidized by air. 

In addition, even lemonade is good, but it is not suitable for all people. Lemonade is rich in nutrients, most people can drink, those patients who with indigestion, vitamin C deficiency, high blood pressure, heart disease are particularly suitable. But for patients with toothache, diabetes mellitus, gastric and duodenal ulcers or hyperacidity should avoid drinking lemonade. Because lemonade vitamin C content is too high, for patients who have a history of gout in danger induced gout. The lemonade citric acid content is also high, so people with loose teeth and osteoporosis should not drink too much.