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The prospects of glassware industry

Glassware market growth trends

Up to 2015, China have some scaled glassware manufacturers (covering glass containers, glassware, glass thermos flasks and other household glass sub-sectors) gross industrial output value will reach 220 billion RMB, the total output value will reach 30 million ton. Accordingly estimates, China glassware and glass containers market will grow by about 14% in corporate annual output growth of around 8%.  
With the increasing attention to the problem of food and drug safety, and environmental issues, and the rapid growth of the hotel food and beverage, food and beverage industries, China's daily glass industry, especially with green, safety concept and glass containers industry and modern lifestyle close glassware related industries will show continued growth. It is estimated that the overall domestic glassware and glass packaging market will reach 220 billion RMB, an increase of about 14%.

Consumption growth trends

In recent years, be attracted by China's huge potential consumption growth, abundant raw materials and low labor costs,growth, some international daily glassware industry giants to set up a production base in China, which led enterprises to accelerate technological progress and scale expansion. Meanwhile, many international commercial enterprises, such as the Hilton, Wal-Mart, Metro, Carrefour, Ikea and other stores have star hotels and glassware will be China's purchase into its global supply chain system. Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Heinz, and many other foreign food and beverage companies set up factories in China has driven the domestic glassware packaging procurement.

Above all for the strength of the china household glassware manufacturers brought a rare opportunity for development. Therefore, the glassware industry in the future development prospects are very broad and rich diversity.

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