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Two and three versions of the origin of the glass

  • Author:Jacly
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2014-11-30
After a legend, a lot of people against it, and insisted on a Glass appeared in Egypt, said that about five or six years ago, Egypt has a clever attentivePottery artisans. Once, when she was removed from the pit in ceramic pots, ceramic pots found a piece of shiny things. He did not let this little accident, and then carefully analyze the clay in the ingredients, and then again and again and finally find out the test firing this shiny things with a mixture of baking soda hungry sand, and it should be the glass.
The third legend is a caravan going through the desert. As night fell, the temperature plunged desert, they got dry sea buckthorn for cooking, to drive away the cold. Desert sunrise the next day, before leaving it on the beach surprised to discover that there are a lot of ashes sparkling baby, soGlass was produced.