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Your position:Home > News > Industry News > One of the origin of the glass.....

One of the origin of the glass cup

  • Author:Jacly
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2014-11-30
The origin of the glass has three versions,the first is that the glass was invented by the phoennicians,moren than three thousand year ago,near the Mediterranean coast of Belize river mouth have a beautiful bar.One day,a phoenician big merchant ship load with large chunks of soda through it.Because the sea ebb,big merchant ship ran aground on the beach in the estuary,and the idle are waiting for it,however,idle need to pass the time,so they have fun to shore for walk.Nonn,one of crew proposed at the beach for pinic,so they moved pot for cooking.cushion the cauldron with soda shoes,light the fire cooking.
After dinner ready to go back,they found a piece of the thing in the sun like water clearing,such as ice crystal,it is an unprecedented miracle treasures.Phoenicians thus to discover the secret of glass and quickly produce glass,and a steady stream of shipped around the world.To this end,the Phoenicians became so rich,Egyptians aslo use this method to produce glass products.