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  • Why is glass suitable for aromatherapy bottles?

    In today's increasingly prosperous aromatherapy market, choosing which aromatherapy bottle to hold essential oils has become a concern for people. After many comparisons and experiments, glass aromatherapy bottles have gradually become the first choice for bottling essential oils due to their unique advantages.

  • Why are ceramic candle jars so suitable as candle containers?

    In the future, with people's continuous pursuit of quality of life and changes in aesthetic concepts, ceramic candle jars will occupy a more important position in the market and become a new favorite in home decoration.

  • Why do people have a special liking for exquisite candle holder?

    In this busy world, people can always find a way to relieve stress and beautify their lives, and that is to buy exquisite candle holders made by Sunny Glassware.

  • Who is Sunny Glassware?

    Sunny Glassware will continue to uphold the pursuit of beauty and insistence on quality, and create more exquisite candlesticks for more people who love life and pursue quality.

  • Sunny Glassware is committed to quality

    Thank you to every customer who chooses Sunny Glassware. Your trust and support give us the motivation to pursue excellence, continue to innovate, and provide you with better products and services.

  • Sunny Group shared a happy hour

    On a sunny afternoon, all employees of Sunny Group welcomed a special welfare event - a private viewing of the latest movie "YOLO" directed by the well-known director Jia Ling. The event was designed to enhance team cohesion and provide employees with an opportunity to relax and have fun together.

  • Sunny Glassware Spring Festival Tea Party

    Sunny Glassware's annual Chinese New Year tea party is coming, and this year's tea party coincides with the Lantern Festival. On this warm and happy day, we are gathered here to share the past year and look forward to a promising future.

  • What candle jar are most popular in Europe and America?

Sandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home DecorationSandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home DecorationSandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home DecorationSandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home DecorationSandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home Decoration

Sandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home Decoration

  • Item number: SGMK19080303
  • Top dia: 134mm
  • Bottom dia: 100mm
  • Height: 90mm
  • Weight: 335g
  • Capacity: 468ml
  • MOQ:5,000pcs

Sandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home Decoration

Sandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home Decoration

Process Crafts
Sandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home Decoration
Why choose Sunny Glassware Candle holders

Sandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home Decoration

    Unique market advantage

. Focus on surface which is natural tree pattern

  . candle holder supplier for 80% USA fragrance brand 

  . AQL plus 6 strict and sunny QC test standards

  . Maintain quality consistent with sample and quality  product

     Ceremony design awareness Sandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home Decoration
   . Won the "Made in China" award

   . Received a very admirable NEST fragrance

   . Friend or business relationship gift

     . Relaxation and romantic life 

 Sandy Oil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home Decoration
 Flexible size design allows your market to grow rapidly
Top dia: 134mm
Bottom dia: 100mm
Height: 90mm
Weight: 335g
Capacity: 468ml

Custom designs and different sizes available 

 With our strong support, our customers are growing rapidly, from small labs to industry leaders. 


matte color ceramic candle holders

Sandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home Decoration

Packing & Shipping

Sandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home Decoration  Sandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home Decoration

We purchased an international office of 1,800 square meters in Shenzhen.

Sandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home Decoration

Sample room display

Meiyang Glass provides more than just Shenzhen sample room has 5000 pieces A wide range of options. He won a big card Customer Reviews. Welcome to the Shenzhen office! The image is as follows Just part of our design candle holdersWelcome to the Shenzhen office to find your favorite, it will bring you a lot of surprises, because it is difficult to find such another supplier in China.

Sandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home Decorations

Below are pictures of major online transactions. For more factory information, please see:Factory tour

Sandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home Decoration

Our certificate

Sandy Soil Candle Containers Footed Ceramic Candle Holders Home Decoration


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