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3-wick white glass candle jar with lid3-wick white glass candle jar with lid3-wick white glass candle jar with lid3-wick white glass candle jar with lid

3-wick white glass candle jar with lid

  • Item #: SG11080
  • Top dia:110 mm
  • Bottom dia:104mm
  • Height:80mm
  • Weight:428 g
  • Capacity: 500ml

3-wick white glass candle jar with lid

Sunny Glass can not only perform OEM/ODM orders, but also help many brands from concept design to actual proudcts.

Focusing on luxury fragrance products in the latest 10 years, Sunny Glassware is the supplier of 80% fragrance brands in the United States. 

Award-winning team of designers has won the trust of many upscale brands like NEST Fragrance. The talented design team is unmatched in China.
3 wick glass candle container with decoration
3-wick white glass candle jar with lid
Why choose Sunny Glassware Candle holders

3-wick white glass candle jar with lid

    Unique market advantage

. Focus on designs 

  . candle holder supplier for 80% USA fragrance brand 

  . AQL plus 6 strict and sunny QC test standards

  . Maintain quality consistent with sample and quality  product

     Ceremony design awareness  3-wick white glass candle jar with lid
   . Won the "Made in China" award

   . Received a very admirable NEST fragrance

   . Friend or business relationship gift

     . Relaxation and romantic life 

 3-wick white glass candle jar with lid
 Flexible size design allows your market to grow rapidly
Top dia:110 mm 
Bottom dia:104mm 
Weight:428 g 
Capacity: 500ml

Custom designs and different sizes available 

 With our strong support, our customers are growing rapidly, from small labs to industry leaders. 

  Life scene Application
   . Coffee or bar

    . Perfect for families, hotels or gardens

    . Sweet lover's gift

    . Every renovation

We purchased an international office of 1,800 square meters in Shenzhen.

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Sample room display

Meiyang Glass provides more than just Shenzhen sample room has 5000 pieces A wide range of options. He won a big card Customer Reviews. Welcome to the Shenzhen office! The image is as follows Just part of our design candle holdersWelcome to the Shenzhen office to find your favorite, it will bring you a lot of surprises, because it is difficult to find such another supplier in China.

Sunny Glassware Sample room

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Sunny Glassware

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