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Your position:Home > News > Company News > new ceramic candle jars from S.....

new ceramic candle jars from Sunny Glassware.

  • Author:Chally
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2017-09-22
Our new ceramic candle jars from Sunny Glassware.

In order to meet the market trends and the needs of customers, our ceramic production lines were added in the year of 2008, mainly produce all kinds of high end ceramic candle holders and porcelain perfume bottles ect home decoration items. 

Ceramic plant accounted for area about 20,000 square meters, employees number up to more than 200 people, has 8 main ceramic production lines, 16 rolling machines, 5 pressing machines, 20 manual grouting lines, and total four annealing furnaces including the small round sampling furnace, the roller furnace, the tunnel furnace and the cubical furnace, output up to 60,000pcs per day, can provide both manual grouted and machine made ceramic products, our deep processing such as glazing, transmutation glaze, color spraying, plating, coated painting also becoming more and more stabilized. 

We have a professional design team, which will launch more than 10 kinds of items to show customer the latest design concept and effect of popular products every month, we can also provide 3D samples for customers’ reference with our own 3D printing machine. 

Sunny Glassware is the supplier of glass candle holder&diffusers, ceramic candle holder&diffusers, borosilicate glass,whisky glass cup&decanters, welcome to visit: www.okcandle.com to learn more about us.