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How To Choose The Suitable Decanter

  • Author:Maggie
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2015-01-30
There are kinds of wine decanter are available in nowadays' market. And how to choose the suitable decanter become very important. Shenzhen Sunny Glassware as the professional glassware suppliers, today will share some tips for choosing the suitable wine decanter.

1. Know what style is suitable to you
Decanters don't need to be expensive cut glass crystal . The high white glass are suitable for most family. So you must need to know the style you like.

2. Clear & Textured
The decanter should be very clear and textured. And touch the top part by hand and feel it is soft comfortable. The glass wall should not thick. And the dia of  mouth should be at last 50mm

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