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Double wall glass – How do they work?

  • Author:Lora Liu
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-01-13

We’ve had a few customers recently emailing us the question, “How do double wall glasses work?” 

double wall glass from sunny glassware

And while we’re definitely not physicists, scientists, or teachers, we hope that this explanation will help you understand what you’re buying and why it’ll help you. 

When using traditional one-piece glassware (see the Ikea Glassware pictured above) any heat from the beverage is transferred through the glass into your hand. It’s not quite instant, but the heat will quickly be felt by your hand gripping the outside of the single-layer glass.
Double wall glasses have two layers of glass separated by a pocket of air.  By adding a pocket of air between the layers of glass, it slows the heat transfer from the inside of the glass to your hand because air has a lower thermal conductivity (ability to transfer heat) than glass.
What else? Using double walled glasses will not only keep your hands from burning but they also reduce the ability for heat to escape the glass. Our double wall glasses lose less heat into your hand which means your warm coffee will stay a pleasant heat for longer.
Voila. Now you know how that Avancer double wall glass you received as a present actually works. It’s not magic – It’s science!

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