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Who is Sunny Group

Mona Zhang 2019-09-06 22:48:08
SUNNY GROUP founded by a coupe of Fank Xu and Alice Yang, consists by two companies, SHENZHEN SUNNY GLASSWARE CO., LTD and SHENZHEN SUNNY WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS CO., LTD. The former (Sunny Glassware for short) is focusing on exporting various customized products abroad while the later is forwarder, in charge of transportation including seaway and airway. There are more than 100 people working in the group. 65 staffs are working in Sunny Glassware directed by Frank Xu, and the rest is Sunny Worldwide Logistics by Alice Yang. People here are friendly, energetic and responsible under the principle of taking the customer as the center, integrity as the criterion and satisfaction as the purpose.
Established in 1992 in Shenzhe China, Sunny Glassware has been supplying all kind of glassware worldwide for more than 26 years to more than 30 countries and regions,throughout Europe and the United States, central and South America, Middle East, Asia, etc. Our buyers include Pepsi, Chivas, Avon, Johnnie Walker, Carlsberg, Lipton,WalMart , PartyLite ,Nest fragrances and Aquiesse etc.Ranging from handmade to machine-made,which can be finished by various method like lacquer painting, decal printing, electroplating, frost, etc to enrich the looks, our products cover candle holders, candle jars, glass tumblers, vases, bowls, stemware, glass bottle, drinking glass, ashtray , and tableware from glass to ceramics ,with more than 4,000 different styles.
Our company has award-wining designers to help with new development,strict QC to follow up the mass production and strong logistics that allow us todo DAP or DDP price.
We are strong and professional enough not only to work with big company but also to help new brand to expand itsmarket in fragrance field.
If you are interested in seeking cooperation with us ,please email me to sales13@sunnygalssware.com with your inquiries or quesitons. You will not regret your time!

Following are pictures of our mothly routine---commendation congress activity for your reference. We are working here like a family!
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