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Which perfume bottle is better?

  • Author:Shira
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-11-21
With the continuous advancement of the times and human development, more and more people are gradually getting higher and higher quality of life, and they are very particular about clothing, food, shelter and transportation. Especially girls, they are labeled by this society for no reason. Determined to be an independent and free-spirited girl, they will become very dressed up; one of the most fascinating methods is to spray a little good smell of perfume, passing by will very much cause others Attention to it; then, for many consumers or retail partners, they will be confused, what kind of perfume is more suitable for themselves? What kind of perfume bottle can better set off the temperament and taste of your perfume? Let me introduce you to two unique perfume bottles now.

First of all, I want to introduce you to our company first.I think that for most of the suppliers and retailers, for the friends who sell perfume bottles, choose a good quality.To find a good perfume bottle seller is a very difficult thing. So good things should be shared with everyone, or who can know that our perfume bottles are so excellent? Ok, let's get into the theme as soon as possible. As shown above, this is a perfume bottle that we made. From the overall design point of view, it is obvious that this is a butterfly-shaped perfume bottle, which is very suitable for the girl's mind. , evoke the desire of consumers to buy.

Secondly, from the material point of view, this is a perfume bottle made of thick glass material. It has a large capacity and is not easy to break. You don't need to worry about accidentally breaking the expensive perfume. This perfume bottle, our positioning is given Producers of light and aromatic perfumes are more suitable, just like the fragrance of the butterfly body, not too pungent, causing discomfort.
The perfume bottle below is quite satisfactory. From the appearance, the rectangular shape of the perfume bottle is more suitable for the classic perfume, our customer group can be positioned between 25-45 mature professional women, then even more Popular, the perfume bottle can be printed with a logo.

As a top perfume bottle manufacturer in China, Sunny has 26 years of history in glass products, and its products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions. As a supplier of perfume bottles with excellent design teams, several award-winning designers have won the trust of the brand NEST, and it is difficult to find a second in the country. If you are interested, please consult! !

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