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What makes hand-painted glass more beautiful?

  • Author:Kate
  • Source:Sunnyglassware
  • Release on:2016-09-24
Hand-painted glass is very beautiful, which makes us a creative and colorful life.

But what are the reasons to make them even more?  I think the answers are these:

Hand-painted glass, water glass cup, wine glass goblet , we need these things to 

decorated our life.

Why you choose Creative Hand Painted Stem Glassware?

1.Customer Design Available in a club, pub, party or at home  

 special feeling as the pattern on the glass are different from each one.

2.You could also make your own designe on it,then we could arrange sample firstly for you.

After sample approval,you could arrange the bulk for you.

3.OEM service could make your products competitive and innovative in your market.

Besides,we have our own designer to design unique pattern for you.

Choosing this Hand Painting Glass Martini Stemware is your best choice.

How to do hand painted glass?
Like all paint varieties, glass paint comes in two types, water and oil based. 
Painting on glass is particularly enjoyable because glass makes a great canvas 
as it's surface is smooth,it reflects light brilliantly, and offers the artist various choices.

1: Clean the surface of the wine or martini glass with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel.

2: Sketch your design first on a piece of paper (not mandatory but recommended).

3: Sketch the design onto the glass.

4: fill in the colors. Start painting the colors in as you'd like them.

5: You can remove paint with nail polish remover if corrections are needed.

6: Add the detail. Use a fine point sharpie or very fine paintbrushes to outline any details

7: Dry. Allow the glass to dry overnight before proceeding to the next step of heat setting.

8: Heat set. Prepare the glasses for setting:

9: Embellish. Since some of your glasses might be suitable to give away for birthdays 

and other occasions, you could fill them up with candy, confetti, or birthday horns, etc.

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