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Your position : Home > News > Company News > What is a perfume bottle?

What is a perfume bottle?

Demi Sunny Glassware 2023-12-21 16:08:09

There are many types of perfume bottles, including glass perfume bottles, aluminum spray bottles, plastic bottles, etc. All of these bottles feature enough space for custom labels to enhance your brand, and they can be outfitted with a variety of caps, depending on your preferred fragrance application. ​

There are two main ways to use perfume bottles: spray type and rolling type. If your perfume is light and ethereal, with more floral and citrus notes, then you'll want to choose a perfume spray bottle with a fine mist cap. Additionally, if your perfume has a stronger scent or you're bottling essential oils, a roll-on perfume bottle may be a better choice. Oils and perfumes used in higher concentrations can also be dispensed a few drops at a time using essential oil bottles with dropper caps. ​

Glass doesn't chemically react with the materials it contains inside, so glass perfume bottles are a good choice for high-end perfumes, and you can be sure that the scent won't change over time. Likewise, aluminum does not change the chemical composition of the perfume. Additionally, plastic containers are ideal for small and travel-sized cosmetic bottles because they are more impact-resistant. These types of beauty bottles are also often used for less expensive perfumes and body sprays.

Cylindrical shapes are a better choice for packaging large-volume bottles and are made of aluminum or plastic, making them a good choice for spray perfumes and skin products sold in high volumes. Small bottles and special bulb bottles are good options for high-end perfumes.

What is a perfume bottle?