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What are the customs of Chinese Spring Festival

Grace Sunny Glassware 2024-01-30 12:32:34
The Spring Festival is a traditional festival that has been inherited for thousands of years. It symbolizes the indomitable Chinese nation in the face of suffering continues inheritance and rebirth. From ancient times to the present, the custom of the Spring Festival continues to evolve in history, but never left the reunion. In the past bowing and kowtowing were important, but now text messages and microblogs can be the bearer of wishes. In the past family happiness is a rich dinner, now the whole family. together to take a photo also freeze the happy reunion In this way. The custom can be endless, the taste of the New Year can be endless.

Praying for good luck in New Year is a traditional custom of the Chinese nation. The beginning of the New Year meaning a new beginning. People take various ways to pray for good luck. On the door pasted couplets of antithetic Spring Festival. On the windows pasted festival and colorful window flowers. Dumplings with coins in order to bless the people. Eating fish on new year's Eve means more than every year. Every family lights up all night to drive away evil worship and full of desire. In the temple people burn incense and pray for peace.

As a special time node, the Spring Festival is of great significance to us. It is both a summary of the past and a plan. for the future and an extension of our expectations for the New Year.

Sunny Glassware wish everything goes well, and the best is yet to come. Happy New Year!