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What Kind Of Glass Jars Can Use As Candle Jar

Maggie Sunny Glassware 2020-11-19 16:00:33
There are many kinds of candle jar in market. You can see there have glass candle jars, tin candle box, ceramic candle holder etc. And Sunny Glassware as the leader manufacture of kinds of candle jars, today we would like to share what kind of glass jar can use as candle jars.

The normal soda-lime glass can be as candle holder, but the glass jar must be pass the ASTM test (annealing and thermal shock). We can send the glass jar to the inspection institution to make this test. You know if the glass jar can’t pass this test, it can not use as candle jar. Since it maybe will leak or broken when pouring the wax.
Candle Jars ASTM Test
(ASTM Test)
So when you choose the glass candle jar , you should choose the reliable supplier that can ensure the glass jar are pass test to use as candle jar. In Sunny Glassware, our QC team will make the test and inspection every step. In this way, we can adjust in time if there any problems.

My boss Frank remembered that we got an order for 160,000 pcs products from American customers in 2014. We gave the factory two complete molds, but the factory opened more molds according to our molds. Our QC staff did not find that there was a slight difference until 80000 pieces were made by the factory. Frank understood that the customer may not discover the little difference, but we did not want to take risks. I couldn't make a bet with company's reputation and future, so he made a big decision: 80,000 pcs products were all destroyed at the factory, and we paid half of the purchase price of products to the factory. What I want to show is that, first of all, Sunny was a company which was focusing on high quality. Secondly, the defective products were not sold to other customers at low prices. Thirdly, I paid half the price to the factory.
Sunny Glassware Customer Evaluation
This is what we make different from other glassware company. I think that is why more than 80% candle brands are choose Sunny Glassware as their candle jar suppliers.

We would like to share more information about the candle jars, feel free to contact us: sales21@sunnyglassware.com to learn more details.